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About Us

College of Science and Mathematics Advising Center

The College of Science and Mathematics Advising Center provides academic advising services to students within the college. Professional advisors take a holistic approach to advising by helping students to define academic, career and personal goals, and empowering them to create an educational plan that is consistent with these goals. Services include assistance with developing long-range academic plans, interpreting university and college policy and procedures, articulation agreements, scheduling classes, and informing students of their graduation requirements. In addition, the Advising Center provides academic coaching for students experiencing academic difficulty. Students are encouraged to seek advice early and often throughout their time at Cal Poly.

Our staff advisors are available for both walk-in advising and appointments. Based on your last name, you will see one of the three advisors below.


Kristi Weddige

Director of Advising

Academic and Pre-Health Professions Advisor for students with last names starting with A-F

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Advising Philosophy

My approach to working with you is solution focused. I intentionally ask questions that appropriately challenge, support and empowers you as a student to grow as a person and to set goals to achieve what you desire from your educational experience. In my role as an academic coach, my goal is to help you to take stock of your strengths, to discover hidden talents and resources, and to learn how to capitalize on your strengths most effectively in the academic setting.
As an advisor, I am here to actively and empathetically listen and to you and your questions and concerns and to provide you with timely and relevant information that will help  you to identify relevant and appropriate opportunities, options, resources, and services.

I strongly believe that you are capable, competent and resilient individual who possess the skills to be successful in earning your college degree, and I look forward to partnering with you over the next four years in your personal, educational journey!
















Meghan Farrier-Nolan

Academic and Pre-Health Professions Advisor for students with last names starting with G-N

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Advising Philosophy

Meghan’s Advising Philosophy: “Be a lamp, a lifeboat, or a ladder.” -Rumi

My primary goal in advising students is to develop an authentic relationship, where they feel supported in their educational, professional, and personal pursuits. Therefore, I will always be my sincere, honest and genuine self with you as my student. I will never sugarcoat reality, but I will remain supportive. I will not only support you, but also serve as an advocate if barriers arise. When there is a system in place that works against you or a group of students, I will not only assist you in overcoming the barrier, but also advocate to remove it.

I will always work with each of you as an individual supporting your goals and recognizing your unique interests and traits. As your advisor I will show an interest in you not only by actively listening and supporting you individually, but also by being an active member of the campus community by being involved various extracurricular activities such as sporting events, cultural pursuits and club activities.

As an advisor, I will strive to be the most knowledgeable resource I can. Even when I do not have all the answers, I will challenge you to seek the answers yourself and help guide your way. I believe in assisting you in your personal development and reaching your goals in order to empower each of you to become more independent, self-reliant and successful.

















Emily Robbins

Academic and Pre-Health Professions Advisor for students with last names starting O-Z

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Advising Philosophy

I believe serving and supporting the student body entails communicating accurate and timely information about curriculum policies, program details, and opportunities for academic enhancement.  When I meet with you I strive to provide emotional, cognitive, and social development opportunities to aid in holistic growth and personal wellness.  I use the concepts of appreciative inquiry such as approaching situations from a positive point of view and focusing on what is working rather than what is not.  I apply the constructionist principle which assumes that what we believe to be true determines what we do.  It is essential to develop a true, realistic, and positive perspective about yourself, your potential, and others.

When meeting with a student, I believe encouragement, conveying hope, perspective, and empathy are all important aspects of our time.  I also want you to know I care about you beyond academics.  I put a high value on holistic care and have a particular heart for the emotionally distressed student. Above all I want the students I meet with to leave our meetings feeling respected, heard, encouraged, empowered, and confident.  














Veronica Heiskell

Graduate Intern Academic Advisor

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Advising Philosophy

My ultimate goal in any advising appointment is to provide you a caring and empathic environment where you can discuss your academic and career goals and provide you information on relevant policies, procedures, curriculum, and resources. My approach is deeply informed by appreciative advising, specifically focusing on empowering you to capitalize on your strengths during our appointment. I will ask you questions about your major, your interests and passions, and your potential career goals to help me better assist you in selecting coursework and other activities that complement those goals.


I recognize that your role as a student is only one part of your identity as a whole so I make a special point to get to know you on a more personal level during our appointment. We can talk about ways to become more involved on and off-campus and ways to find opportunities to enrich your current class experiences. I also know that Cal Poly is a large place with many resources so I will do my best to provide you with accurate and timely information about the best possible resources to assist you on your academic and professional journey. My role is to be a guide that empowers you to be able to have the best possible experience here at Cal Poly, and I look forward to meeting with you.






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